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How To Make Money Online Using Website Design -

How To Make Money Online Using Website Design


You may think that making money online using website design is difficult. I totally understand you, because I was also there some years ago.

But to be sincere, if you are going to code a website from scratch, it will be very difficult and time-consuming. There’s an easy way to it.

I, later on, discovered that Website Design is one of the very easy skills to learn and make good money from.

This is because Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Wix,, and many others have been introduced and are quite easy to use.

Now, with Content Management System, all you need to do is to click, drag some stuff and drop the way you want. All the coding is been done in the background and you don’t have to bother yourself with it.

You can today. With this strategy, a fully functional website can be built in just a few minutes.

Furthermore, if you this skill, there are many ways you can use it to make money on the internet.


People are making good money from these methods every day. However, before you choose one, first look into the pros and cons. Consider factors like level of income, flexibility, the future, and room for improvement in your skills.

  • Become a Freelancer: Signup on freelancing platforms, put up your profile, and bid for gigs (jobs). Clients are advertising for these jobs day in and day out. Create an account on Fiverr, Upwork,, etc.
  • Start a Blog: With your own blog, you can advertise your website design skills, sell through Affiliate Links, and Sell other products (both physical and digital), you can also get paid by Google AdSense or other Ads platforms.
  • Create a Course: As a website designer, you can create a series of short tutorials and compile them into a course. You can sell the course on your own website, or on other marketplaces on the internet.
  • Work for an Agency: You can be employed by a website design agency where you can work on their projects and get paid monthly or weekly.
how to make money in the metaverse and website design
  • Start your own Agency: This is birthed out of freelancing. When you have a lot of workloads that you can’t handle alone. It becomes wiser to turn it into an agency where you employ other website designers to work for you. While you focus on marketing for more clients.
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  • Sell Themes and Templates: These are predesigned websites or pages of websites where instead of designing everything from scratch, website designers buy and install in their WordPress or whatever CMS they are using and customize it. Even without CMS, website designers still need themes and templates. So you can design these themes and templates and sell them on your blog or a marketplace on the internet. One of the most popular marketplaces is Themeforest.
  • Work as an in-house designer: Here you will be employed by a company to work on their website for upgrades, maintenance, and other stuff like that. Financial companies do this a lot.

Go ahead and take action!!! Start Making money online today!!!

how to make money on online using Facebook ads and website design
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