The Empower Africa Programme: 2-Week Website Design Course


Are you ready to take control of your digital future? Join the next wave of website design experts and be part of the Empower Africa Programme, aimed at equipping over 15,000 African youth with the skills they need to succeed in the digital world.

With over 245 people already taking the first step in their digital journey, this 2-Week Website Design Course is your opportunity to design stunning websites and shape your own future.

Learn from the Experts

Our experienced instructors will guide you through the process of website design, from concept to creation. You will learn the latest techniques and best practices, and have the chance to put your skills into action with hands-on projects.

Join a Dynamic Community

You will be part of a dynamic community of designers and change-makers, sharing your experiences and learning from each other. You will have access to online resources and support, so you can continue your learning journey even after the course has ended.

Empower Your Future

With the skills you will gain from this course, you will be able to create professional-looking websites and unleash your digital potential. You will be part of a growing network of website design experts, making a positive impact in Africa and beyond.

Don’t miss this chance to join the next batch of our 2-Week Website Design Course. Enroll now and start your digital journey today!

Enroll Now

Ready to design your own future? Click on “Register Here” below to enroll in the 2-Week Website Design Course as part of the Empower Africa Programme.

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